As a print run progresses in rotogravure and flexographic printing processes, the ink temperature tends to rapidly rise above the ambient temperature. The higher temperature leads to:

  •   Increased solvent evaporation

  •   Unpleasant solvent odour

  •   Reduced print quality

  •   Higher top up solvent consumption

  •   Increased risk of fire

    The Valflow® ink temperature conditioner VIC11 is designed to maintain the temperature at the optimum level suitable for the processes and ambient conditions. This ensures consistency of printing and reduces the fugitive solvent losses.



On each print station, an ink circulating pump delivers ink from the tank to the print station. As the printing progresses, temperature of the ink varies over time. This variation in ink temperature results in higher solvent evaporation, which in turn means higher top-up solvent consumption. The ink flows through the inner spiral tube of heat exchanger to the print tray. The chilled water flows in the outer side of the tube and inside the shell, thereby cooling the ink. This ensures that ink temperature is maintained constant at set value.

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Weld 3/4" collar
w.r.t Ø20 hole on outer shell SA0202002512




Mounting bushes(2x) with

25mm L deep threads

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  •   Reduced solvent evaporations

  •   Enhanced print quality, dot gain, and reflective density

  •   Reduced risk of fire

  •   Consistentprintshade

  •   Lesser solvent vapour on shop floor; ensures better

    safety and health of workers

    Operational data

    Heat duty (in kW) in cooling mode

    Note: Inlet ink temperature considered at 30°C and flow

  •   Increased profitability

  •   Easy to clean

  •   No mixing of water and ink

  •   Smooth ink flow

  •   Leak-proof, compact heat exchanger design

    Heat duty (in kW) in heating mode

    Note: Inlet ink temp considered at 20°C and flow

Water temp. (°C)

Water flow rate (L/min)

25 30 35


4.3 4.4 4.4


3.2 3.3 3.3

Water temp. (°C)

Water flow rate (L/min)

20 25 30


3.2 3.2 3.3


4.3 4.4 4.4



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