Machine mounted lightning fast LED stroboscope for full print width web monitoring. The operator can check and take corrective action to reduce the print material wastage.



StrobAXIS machine mounted 

(Lightning fast machine mounted LED stroboscopes)

Technical specifications

Machine mounted StrobAXIS for full print width monitoring


Machine mounted StrobAXIS

Flashes per minute (FPM)

30 - 15000

Maximum web speed

2000 metres per minute

Variable intensity flash duration

10 - 150 μs

Coverage area

As per requirement

Type of light

Flood light

Type of LED

Bright white LEDs

Power consumption

48 Watts (typically for 1200 mm width)

Power requirement

230 VAC


Approximately 7 kg

Automatic setting

Last configuration stored automatically

LCD panel

Setting parameter

Optional fittings

Encoder or mark sensor



Mounted at rewinder roll at a distance of 1’ from the web

During print runs at high operating speeds (up to 500 metres per minute), only with the unassisted human eye, it is impossible to reliably check the print web for defects

A.T.E.'s lightning fast range of stroboscopes - StrobAXIS - enable monitoring of printed webs at production speeds. The StrobAXIS illuminates the moving web with a series of periodic sharp and short flashes. At a certain flash frequency the web appears to be stationary or near stationary, allowing the operator to check the web for print errors. The operator can then take corrective action to reduce print material wastage.

Features: Benefits:

  • §  Precise web monitoring

  • §  Instant error identification

  • §  Powerful high bright white light LED

  • §  Digital stroboscope with automatic settings

  • §  LCD panel for setting/adjusting parameters (illumination intensity and flash frequency)

  • §  Scan mode

  • §  Encoder or mark sensor

  • §  High temperature compatibility

    StrobAXIS helps in detecting the following print defects:

    § Colour streaks § Drags and holes § Voids § Missing print
    § Bleeding

§ Accurate strobe control
§ Bright and uniform illumination with energy efficient LED

§ Wide illumination angle with modular LED technology § Automatic sync of machine speed with FPM
§ Full circumference monitoring
§ Quick and easy intensity and FPM adjustments
§ Fast aperture
§ Sharp visibility, high accuracy
§ Handy yet robust
§ Light weight and easy to handle
§ Long life

Printing, labelling, slitting and doctoring, die-cutting, embossing and more.


About A.T.E.

With domain knowledge built over three decades in the print and packaging field, A.T.E. is established as a reliable source of quality products.

A.T.E. has developed customised solutions for demanding and complex printing applications using measurement and control and smart imaging technologies. A.T.E.'s dedicated team is focussed on continuously improving A.T.E.'s products and solutions with regular upgrades to algorithms and software.



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