Fiber optic sensor and matrix camera based sensing and register control for

Rotogravure Printing Central Impression Flexo In-line Flexo
Offset Printing

Setting standards in register control systems

Designed for higher productivity,
maximum operation flexibility and reduced waste

Reduced start up waste

§ Presetting of register compensator roller OR presetting cylinders in case of ELS machines § Absolute encoder presetting

Continuously shows real time register behavior

§ Online chart recording
Versatile and adaptable to specic job needs

§ Site adjustable option for setting key colour or previous colour as master colour. In key colour setting, the initial adjustment is with the previous colour and at pre-decided speed, the system changes over to key colour.

Minimum wastage and quick 'back to register’

§ Adaptive control behavior during dynamic press conditions like splicing and ramp-up Saves time for repeat jobs

§ Provision to save and recall all settings of printed jobs
Possibility to measure and correct differences in print position across width (skew and shrinkage)

§ Set points can be adjusted automatically with the matrix camera
Possible to interface with software using OPC-UA protocol to extract and analyse 'real time' production


§ Industry 4.0 compliant software Easy to operate

§ Interactive user interface

Online operation support

§ Online diagnostics

The new generation AlygnAXIS is designed to ensure reliability and accuracy and provide the fastest correction signals (output) among register control systems available in the world. The 'real time' hardware and software ensure consistent performance, accurate measurement and excellent control - enabling printers to set a new benchmark in print quality.

The AlygnAXIS, packed with many novel features, comes with an impressive Graphic User Interface (GUI), which is very user friendly. It has a reduced hardware set which results in longer mean time between failures (MTBF) and additionally our fiber optic sensors are ATEX certified. The system has remote diagnostics, enabling dial-in support to ensure optimum performance.

The new generation AlygnAXIS is an improvement over its highly successful predecessor, the Alygn register control system. Almost 500 Alygn register control systems are already in the field, supplied to leading OEMs and end users in India, Europe, and China.

Fibre Optic Sensor Camera Sensor


High performance PLC and I/Os with touch screen

High performance PLC and I/Os with touch screen


Multi-lingual user interface

Multi-lingual user interface


Single and double channel configurations

High-speed matrix camera with LED flash

Measurement accuracy

+/- 0.001 mm

+/- 0.005 mm


ATEX certified sensor: II 2(G)
[Ex op is T4 Gb] IIC. Safe to use when printing with solvent based inks

Possibility to measure various register dot marks configurations and other register patterns

Low contrast mark detection

White light LED in combination with automatic amplification ensures detection of
low contrast marks on various printing materials

Suitable for use with various register marks like triangles, double triangles, and rectangle marks

Very low contrast marks like transparent varnish and lacquer marks can be measured

Automatic register mark search and code mark search for quicker job set-up

Quick job set-up

Automatic register mark search and code mark search

Automatic code mark search


To supplement online diagnostics and operation support,
A.T.E. has a team of well trained service engineers to ensure optimum performance of the equipment.



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